Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Tucannon

A couple of weeks ago I went to Washington to see my sister, Cheryl. She lives in a beautiful setting along the Tucannon river. Dave asked us to go cattle hunting in the mountains and to separate the yearlings from their mothers. My boots have never seen so much cow kaka. We had a blast bouncing around on the 4-wheeler and I even did some high-steppin' on foot. Then we loaded them into a trailer and took them down to winter pastures. Those poor babies and mom's bawlded there eyes out. I saved one baby being separated from it's mom. I played on Dave's heart-strings and he brought the mom with the calf. (he was probably going to do it anyway, but ya never know about that Dave) We decorated the master bedroom in blue and brown. I went walking through the house to see what I could steal for the bedroom and saw a great elk hide hanging over a wall divider. We took it in and placed it on the floor. It looked GREAT there. I thought maybe Dave would insist that it be returned to the wall, but he just looked at the room like we had lost our minds...later that night cheryl said he didn't know what to do with all the pillows on the bed so he just carefully slid his body under the covers on his side and when she came to bed the cute little pillows were still on the bed and he was sound asleep. Now if you know Dave that paints an hysterical picture. He isn't exactly the cute little pillow type.

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