Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Everyday stuff

Mailee and I went shopping on Saturday. It was great fun. This is the list of goodies Natilee had to eat to keep her entertained: gum, breakfast of pancakes with syrup, 4 suckers, a slurpee, an ice-cream cone, a barbie set, a Hanna-Montana writing kit. Lucky for us Emily drove down and met us as we were shopping, so Natilee lached onto her and drove her crazy. Natilee talks non-stop unless she is eating something. We sugared her up so she was good and cranky by the time we got home...still it was a highlight for me. Tarilee and Chris were gone to St. George. I think they should buy a little cottage get-a-way, they would probably spend less money in the long run. Ron & I taught our 1st Primary class Sunday. They are 11 years old. We had 9 in the class. Ron did a great job with his part. I mentioned going to the drug store for a candy bar and they were all.."huh, the drug store!...what is a drug store?" Ron said later that they probably thought it was a place that sells illegal drugs.


Co-chillin with the Roths said...

That is like a shopping trip with Sheridan. No wonder they are cousins!

Yes, I agree. We need a place in St. George. Just waiting for a really good deal.

Donna said...

I must be the only one without a blog site!! Anyway it sure is fun reading about all of your adventures. Sure MISS you.