Monday, October 13, 2008

To Much Fudge

Don was interrupted
so many times while
making fudge at the cabin, that he doubled the the 2 professional fudge-makers decided to throw in more of everything but the milk. They didn't have enough to DOUBLE the recipe, but they added what they had. So then they had to get a bigger pot to cook it in. They had so much fudge that they almost couldn't lift it to pour it into the pans. They poured Renee's separate because she can't have nuts and then realized that they forgot the vanilla, so they poured it back into the pot, added the vanilla and'er dun.
Oh, and I almost forgot to let you fudge-lovers know, there were only 7 of us eatin' all that fudge!


Co-chillin with the Roths said...

Tell me you brought the extra home to your daughters!

Deena said...

Well if I know you and I think I do... that was probably BARELY enough fudge to suit you. Anyway love you and hope you keep up with the blog. It's fun to read about the adventures!